Function Point Analysis

Program Objective

More than 50% of software projects fail because of time and cost overrun. Many such failures are traced back to poor estimation. Ad-hoc estimation can not only ruin the successful completion of a project, but also your career as a programmer or a project manager.

Software project estimation is a process of expectation setting that quantifies resource requirements, which are required to accomplish certain goals based upon certain clearly stated assumptions. It comprises of Size, Effort and Schedule estimations.

Function Point Analysis (FPA) proposed by IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) is an industry leading software estimation technique which is also an ISO standard. Learning and following FPA by IFPUG could save you countless late night stays at office, and also could put you on a fast- track to promotion.

This two days hands-on workshop on FPA would demystify the notions about estimation and equip a software professional to handle the subject of estimation with improved accuracy to tide over the above said negative points.

Program Benefits

Business related:

  • To make an effective project proposal document
  • Basic step towards size, effort and schedule estimation of project management
  • Helps to ensure a right delivery date to the customer
  • Ensures right costing for management for a good profit margin
  • Reduce the project failure rate, thus improving customer satisfaction

Career related:

  • To have expertise in estimation
  • To play pre-sale role effectively
  • This skill would help one to move to the next senior level as early as possible
  • To have job satisfaction
  • To guide and monitor one's subordinates for a better output
  • To complete the project in time with quality
  • To have better understanding about software project management and functionality of the system

Who should attend

  • Project Managers
  • System Architects
  • Operations Research consultants
  • Business Analyst
  • OR Model Developers
  • Integration and test engineers

Workshop Agenda

Session 1

  1. Introduction to Software Estimation
  2. Importance of domain or functional knowledge for right estimation
  3. Types of Estimation
    1. Size Estimation
    2. Effort Estimation
    3. Schedule Estimation
  4. Function Point Analysis
    1. History, Background
    2. Benefits of FPA
    3. Types of function point count
  5. Identifying application boundaries
  6. Elementary processes with Examples
  7. Data, Records and Files
  8. Transactional function Type
    1. External Inputs (EI)
    2. External Outputs (EO)
    3. External Inquiry (EQ)
  9. Case Study

Session 2

  1. Identifying Data Element Type (DET))
  2. Identifying Record Elementary Type (RET)
  3. Data Function Type
    1. Internal Logical File (ILF)
    2. External Interface File (EIF)
  4. Identifying File Type Referenced (FTR)
  5. How to count unadjusted function point?
  6. Rating of components
  7. General System Characteristics (GSC) descriptions
  8. Identifying application boundaries
  9. Calculation of Value Adjustment Factor (VAF)
  10. Calculation of Function Point
  11. Case Study

Session 3

  1. Software productivity
    1. Productivity Measurement
    2. Function Point to Person Months conversion
  2. Cost calculation for software development

Session 4

Hands on Session – Major Case study

  • Identification of Elementary processes
  • Identification of Data elements and Record elements
  • Counting and rating of EI, EO, EQ, ILF and EIF
  • Calculation of VAF for identified GSCs
  • Calculation of Function point
  • Conversion to Person Months

Ways to Train

  • Class Room
  • Virtual Class Room
  • On-Site Team Training

Faculty details

R. Raju

R. Raju is the Trainer with OptiRisk India Pvt Ltd., a Six sigma practicing company, who aims to help the organization to achieve improvement in the performance of the business processes. Improvement comes though by identifying business problems/pains, reduce the cycle time of a process/service/product and align the IT investments with Business objectives to maximize the ROI, reduce the TCO, delight the customers and increase the net profit of the business.

Raju has overall 26 years+(>15 yrs in IT) experience in IT Project/Program delivery management, Product development and Consulting- Business Process Re-engineering, IT Portfolio Rationalization, Process & Productivity Improvement,Resource Identification, Resource Placement and Six sigma consulting with a capability to start new Business units/Practices, manage and operate as profitable practices.

As he has played roles like Delivery Head, Principal Consultant, Program Manager, Project Manager and EDP/MIS Manager in IT companies like Satyam Computer Services Ltd.(Mahindra Satyam), NatureSoft and Geosoft and non IT Company like Central Warehousing Corporation, he is having expertise in multiple technologies- Microsoft,JAVA, Open source, Embedded and ERP and hands-on exposure to operations Management with the knowledge of business processes of Human Resource Management, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Warehouse & Transport (Logistics) Management; Import & Export Operation; Container Freight Station Management, Auto manufacturing & Port operational processes; Trading, Retail, Shipping Management and Supply Chain Management.

Raju was playing key role as part of recruitment team of Satyam Computer Services Ltd wherein he was involved in activities like Identification and selection of right resources and Competency development.

Raju has also given business solutions through consulting to many fortune 500 companies, mid and small size enterprises (MSE) like Honda Japan, World Bank, Satyam Computer Services Ltd, Kings Industries etc, As he is more strategic in his thoughts, he has dev eloped, groomed and mentored many next generation leaders and they are part of leading multinational business organizations. He has conducted many Six sigma, Quality process, 5S, BPR, IT Portfolio Rationalization, Process & Productivity Improvement, Software Estimation and Project Management workshops for IT as well as non-IT employees.

While Raju has authored books on Linux and Software Project Management, he is currently writing a book on business solution techniques and tools for all business problems. He has given series of talks, conducted workshops and seminar on topics like Effective business solutions, How to recover sick industries, Marketing Strategies, PEST & SWOT Analysis, Different roles in IT industry and emerging technologies. He has written motivation articles in leading news papers, magazines, etc. He has also given TV talks on Software Project anagement, Linux, future of IT field etc.


Date Mode of class Time
Every weekend on-line interactive workshop live virtual classroom 6:30 PM - 09:30 PM


The workshop fee is Rs.9,990/- (Nine thousand Nine Ninety only) + 12.36% Service Tax.

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