Delivery Management Solution

Automated delivery Planning

Move away from laborious and inefficient manual route planning. Embrace scientifically proven routing algorithms to save time and reduce delivery cost.

Automated Route Generation

System automatically generates least cost routes based on scientifically proven routing algorithms. It also supports various operational constraints and vehicle capacities.

Visualize and alter routes

System supports displaying delivery routes on dashboards and on maps. It also allows altering the routes manually.

Multi Channel order import

System supports importing orders for delivery planning from different sources: Excel, API, form entry and scraping from web pages.

System Generated invoices

System supports generating invoices in the back office and on the spot. This prevents calculation errors and reduces order-to-cash collection cycle.

Real time delivery tracking

Mobility solution (with data connectivity) brings in paperless operations, location and delivery tracking in real time and electronic proof of delivery. Such solution helps to reduce delivery to cash cycle and working capital requirements.

Paperless operation

Driver / delivery men are equipped with android application, which displays the routes and delivery details. It also captures attendance, sends current location and driven path, actual delivery details and expenses.

Electronic POD

Android application supports capturing actual delivered quantities, GRN number, delivery time and geo-location for proof-of-delivery. Invoices and Receipts can be printed on the spot from wireless enabled printers mounted on the vehicle.

Trip sheet automation

Capture vehicle's odometer reading and trip expenses such as tollgate, parking fees, etc.

Reverse Logistics support

Android application supports capturing details of returned items (Reverse logistics) and replacements(Replace expired items with the new items).

Cloud & Mobility Solution

No upfront investment or licensing required; Pay for what you use on monthly basis. Mobile Application brings speed and accuracy to your delivery team - improved productivity and reduced errors.

Access from anywhere at anytime

Cloud and mobility solution helps the users to access the system from any place at any time. It helps to reduce order fulfillment time and order-to-cash cycle.

Mobile Application

Supports navigation, in-app call, geo tracking, reverse logistics and offline working. Generate and print invoices and receipts on the spot. Captures odometer readings and all trip expenses for settlement.

No CapEx - Pay for what you use

Cloud brings rich set of features at affordable price. No need to buy any license and no AMCs. Sign-up and use it for as long as you want. Customize and extend the functionality for nominal cost.

Real-time Visibility

Dashboards and panels are provided for back office team to monitor the deliveries in real-time. GPS enabled application helps the team to track vehicle/ driver's current locations and the travelled path.

Affordable ERP

Integrate with other modules and have a single solution to manage your business. Based on web technologies, mobility solution and Artificial intelligence, we enable you to manage your business scientifically in real time.


Manage deliveries, Maintain invoices, Update payments, and Reconciliation.

Delivery Analytics

Find out sources of delays in deliveries and average waiting time at different customer locations.

Sales and Order Management

Sales executives capture orders by visiting the customer locations and from back office. System also supports capturing inventory and potential customers.


Generate custom defined summary and Exception reports such as Skipped and Returned deliveries.

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