Supply Chain Simplified


Sales Order Management

Move away from Paper based order capture and management. Let IT system and mobility help your team to capture Orders electronically. Avoid delays and errors in manual order processing. Get real-time visibility into order status and sales team productivity.

Delivery Management System

Lower operating costs by planning the most efficient schedules and routes. Provide more flexibility to your customers by allowing them to modify orders or ask for additional products at the time of delivery. Reduce errors and improve cash flow by generating receipts and invoices on the spot at customer locations.


Collection Management System

One of the major challenges you face as a business is maintaining cash flow. Ensuring timely payments from customers is therefore a critical factor for success. Simplify, speed up and automate your payment collection and follow-up process with our cloud and android based integrated collection management system.


Mathematical Programming Using OPL CPLEX

IBM ILOG CPLEX is an advanced robust mathematical solver, used across industries in various business optimization problems. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer’s mathematical programming technology helps in better decision making.

Function Point Analysis

Function Point Analysis (FPA) proposed by IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) is an industry leading software estimation technique which is also an ISO standard. Learning and following FPA by IFPUG could save you countless late night stays at office,and also could put you on a fast- track to promotion.


Advanced Optimization using AMPL Workshop

Optimization technologies have become key tools in making important business decisions that increase competitive advantage. Optimization, through the use of mathematical models and software techniques, is used to assist organisations with solving their complex business problems.

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Sales Order Management

Delivery Planning and Management

Collection Management System

AmplDev IDE

OPL studio

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Transportation Optimization

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Inventory Management

Supply Chain Network Design

Portfolio Optimization

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